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7 min readSep 3, 2020

Date : 29 August 2020

Guest : Pavel BainsCEO

Q: Please briefly introduce yourself and #Bluzelle to our community?

A: Hi everyone, I’m the CEO and co-founder of Bluzelle. Bluzelle aims to be the go-to data layer for Web 3.0 by providing a decentralized data network that is tamper-proof and has greater privacy, scalability, and availability than traditional solutions.

Think fo us as AirBNB for data storage.

You provide unused computer storage and we rent it out to customers.

And now we’re building on top of the database to provide more solutions.

Q: What is Buzelle main difference from other projects? What advantages does Buzelle provide for DApp developer?

A: Bluzelle focuses on data storage. Every app, whether centralized or decentralized needs to store data in a database. We give that to them.

Projects like Filecoin to file storage, we do data storage. Dapps need both.

The advantage of using us is great security, the system won’t go down (because it’s decentralized), and it’s 50% cheaper.

Q: Bluzelle is currently leading Decentralized Database Solution, what if the Centralized Database like Oracle or MangoDb moves in Crypto Space then how well we are equipped to tackle them as they have big funding bags?

A: Its not easy for big companies like those to just change strategy. They need to get approval from so many layers. And they need to spend time researching.

We have first-mover advantage to build customers and a community. Is there even a MongoDB or Oracles community? LOL.

When they enter, we’ll be ahead. They will need to catch up. Just because they have more funding does not guarantee success.

Best is they try to by companies like us.

Q: What is your views about the next killer DApp area for blockchain? What will be your prime focus for mass adoption like Gaming, DeFi, supply chain or something else?

A:The best use case for blockchain is still the first use case — FINANCE. Defi has proven this and we are focused on building that. Data storage/databases plays a big role in the infrastructure to support the growth of Defi. We can provide better analytics and especially a new oracle solution we are launching.

Gaming I believe is still a while away from mass adoption. I came from the video game space. They aren’t ready yet.

Q: BLZ is currently going well and is receiving positive attention. What will you do to get more exposure and adoption? What is the $BLZ message for the Community today?

A: Right now we are focused on two things:

(1) More ways to use BLZ and create velocity for it. It’s not just fees, and staking, there will be more. This helps everyone in the network.

(2) More developer usage. This centers around more partnerships with projects that bring in developers. For example, we are working with Matic so that projects that build on Matic will also use Bluzelle and they will win rewards. We worked with Gitcoin before and are launching more programs with them to get developers.

Q: Bluzelle operates a dual token ecosystem — BLZ and BTN.What necessitates a dual token?

What are the utilities of both tokens to the ecosystem?

A: BLZ is the ERC 20 token. That allows them to enter the system. Because we are powered by Cosmos/Tendermint, we use BNT as the internal token for processing all data updates. THis makes it cheaper for all.

Q: How many programming languages does Bluzelle currently support? What do you think of Bluzelle attracted developers?

A: Python, Go, JS, Ruby, C#, C++.

Developers all need data storage. There is only one truly decentralized database, that’s Bluzelle. We are interoperable with any chain, so we can be used by everyone.

Q:#DeFi is moving traditional financial products to the open and decentralized world, so I want to know, what is Bluzelle’s role in the concept of defi?

A: Bluzelle’s defi solutions are being developed to enhance Defi with historical price feeds, provide data analytics, 360 degree views, and more. As defi grows, Bluzelle’s infrastructure services play a big role.

Q: If developers trying to build their own Dapp which may need Oracle. Do they compare the cost of each Oracle service provider How did the cost of utilizing Bluzelle is lower than other alternatives in the market?

A: First, our data is pre-fetched and stored on our database. Plus we’re built on Cosmos, which makes the fees multiple times cheaper. We dont have the congestion and high cost issues of Ethereum.

Q: Recently you announced launch of Swarm of Duty , how could developers and token holders involved in it? Do you have any strategies to attract them for being part of this? What are your expectations about that?

A: Swarm of Duty was our Incentivized Testnet campaign. It was a massive success.

  • 200+ validators
  • over 40 projects developed
  • Worked closely with cosmos on solving critical bugs

Q: Insecurity and data privacy are always the most important things. So, what’s your security mechanism of Bluzelle to ensure user assets and data privacy are not targeted by hackers?

A: Data is stored across all many nodes. Any changes to the data needs to be validated by the network. That means they need to take everything over.

Q: How has your Incentivized Tesnet been coming along since its launch? How would I be able to stake in Bluzelle? What are the staking platform options?

A: Go to

and you can start through our application. We have some more innovative ways to stake coming out soon too.

Q: How do you plan to get attention about your project in different countries where English is not spoken well? Do you have local communities for them to let them better get a idea about your project?

A: Yes. We have a very active community in China with ambassadors. We also have our BLZ Soldier Programs where people are selected to help build more local communities.

Q: What do you think about the competition with other DEFI projects? What are the points in which competitors in the market cannot beat Bluzelle?

A: No other Defi Infra product has a database behind it. We have that and can use it greatly. That why we are launching Bluzelle Oracles. Our DB gives Oracles greater power.

Q: I just came across the Staking program and read that those who stake early would get an APY of 25%, is this offer still open for me, if I decide to start Staking on Bluzelle Soft Mainnet now?

A: The APY is based on when you enter and how much is in the pool. It’s still early, so those APYs are achievable.

Q: About Bluzelle’s oracle DeFi functionality, what are the solutions that this oracle will bring to DeFi? Besides stored and referenced historical prices, what will be the main benefits? Thank you!

A: 1. Fast price intervals

2. Advanced security warnings in event of attacks

3. Higher quality pricing data through a 5 step math process

Q: As a developer I Know SOLIDITY, Java, C+, can I build dApps on Bluzelle

How will you convince developers to switch to Bluzelle for building Dapps?

A:We have a number of showcase pieces that have been built by developers. And Instant Messaging one and a Notary app. We are also going to do a more advanced program with Gitcoin — the biggest developer community in blockchain.

Q: As I can see many projects always used DEFI to be hyped, but no real use cases to be given.

As one of the projects in Defi Space how could you differentiate your project to other existing Decentralized Finance Project out there?

And what are your goals towards Defi Systems?

A: Our goal is to advance adoption of Defi. This is done by providing better infrastructure that is needed for Defi to scale more users in.

Defi apps need to better analytics and security — both that can be provided by our database.

Q: What benefit did Bluzelle get from moving to Cosmos and Tendermint, how much did this event make you stronger and what challenges did it help to solve?

A: Two massive benefits:

(1) Able to do delegated proof of stake. This saved us a lot of time and money from building it ourselves.

(2) Interoperability. Cosmos is connecting all blockchains together. By using cosmos, it makes it easier for all blockchains to connect to Bluzelle as their database layer. This saves us time from having to build a bridge to each blockchain.

Q: What is the advantage of Bluzelle in terms of cloud service delivery, why should I choose Bluzelle instead of using Google’s cloud service?

A: Google has a central point of failure. If part of their network, the whole thing goes down. A month ago Cloudflare had an issue with this. Millions of Apps couldn’t work.

Q: What are the use cases of $BLZ, and its role in the Bluezelle ecosystem as a utility token?


  • paying to store data on the network.
  • staking to earn part of the fees and rewards.
  • paying to grab our price feeds from our oracle.

Q: Marketing is a central element for every project, so that everyone knows the potential that a project can bring is vital to achieve the goals set. What is your strategy to attract new users and investors to #BLZ and keep them long term?

A: Over the past two months we have build a multi-prong marketing system.

1. A BLZ Soldiers program — these are community members who are incentivized to spread the word of BLZ and bring in developers

2. Working with big partners to bring in developers. Matic, Elrond, Gitcoin, and more.

3. Our own social media network and reach of 100,000. We push content out that can be shared.

4. Promotions with top platforms.

Q: Revenue and adoption are the top priority for all projects. Can you tell us how $BLZ generates revenue from its technology platform and how you’re planning on getting the platform adopted?

A: Customers pay fees to store data on our network. Defi apps pay to use our Oracle service.

Q: For those of us who participate in staking we are going to have 25% APY, then this percentage will go down?

A: It can go up and down based on participation. You will always get a healthy return.

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