Cryptoverse-Contentos AMA Recap

12 min readAug 26, 2020

21th August 2020

Guest : ZacVP of Product, Contentos

Q: @zinien Please briefly introduce yourself and #Contentos to our community??

A: Hi, I’m Zac, VP of product at Contentos Foundation. I joined Contentos mid 2018 when the project was still at an early stage. I love cats. CryptoKitties drew my attention and that’s when I started to actually trade cryptos. Contentos was founded in early 2018. Our co-founder Mick was inspired by the benefits of the token economy and blockchain technology and wanted to bring some positive impact to the content industry. When Mick served as the head of operation at LiveMe, a live broadcasting app, many content creators had expressed the need for a content platform that is more open and transparent. And this is the focus of Contentos, we are building a decentralized global content ecosystem that benefits the creators, audience, and advertisers.

Contentos attracted global investors in blockchain, internet, and venture capital industries in the early-sales round with major investors such as Binance Labs, DHVC, and IDG. We have also partnered with global companies such as Samsung, and major blockchain projects such as Chainlink and Theta. LINK is so popular recently, good for them!

We launched Contentos V1.0 mainnet on September 25th, 2019. Currently, there are 567K+ addresses on-chain. There are 5K active daily users and 60K daily on-chain transactions on average. Upon Contentos Mainnet, we also built COS.TV, a blockchain version of YouTube, where you can earn COS tokens while posting and enjoying your videos. Try it now at

Q: Can you tell us some of the latest achievements made by the Contentos project & can you describe in detail the current development efforts, such as market expansion plans, expected applications & new upcoming program of events?

A: From the perspective of Contentos blockchain, we’re working on its next generation, enabling even higher concurrent transactions as we’re gaining users rapidly. We’ll soon release the technical white paper for Mainnet 2.0

On the application part, we’re doing cool stuff on COS.TV, bringing in more interesting video content so that more people can enjoy not only crypto-related videos but “every” kind of content they are interested in. It’s a very exciting collaboration with a class-leading company. You’ll find out soon next month.

Last but not least, DeFi. We’re always looking for ways to help creators monetize their content. Many of the creators on COS.TV earned USDT through ad monetization. We’re designing a mechanism for them to easily invest in DeFi projects and maximize their income. I think Mick’s tweet gave a clear hint.

Q: DeFi is so popular that many platforms are competing in the DeFi concept mentioned recently

when blockchain projects started building protocols & applications to support DeFi. So, what is Contentos strategy to attract more new users in the DeFi world?

A: DeFi is no doubt the hottest topic for 2020, other than COVID-19. As a content ecosystem, we can easily sense it through the content uploaded. So that’s why you started to see more videos talking about DeFi, demonstrating how to use Uniswap, even how to be a “farmer” on COS.TV’s front page. We are glad to see our platform being so organic that creators and audience exchange knowledge through it. I think those videos have already helped COS.TV and Contentos gain attention from new users.

And we don’t want to just stop there. As I’ve answered, we’re designing a way to help our users to interact with DeFi projects more easily. The current DeFi projects are definitely not for everyone due to its complexity. We’re trying to make it approachable for our massive user base.

Q: Content producers (Youtubers) earn income from advertising on YouTube, how would they make a profit with Contentos?

A: The concept of ad monetization is essentially the same on COS.TV as on YouTube, and we recently successfully launched our ad monetization system, which has seen 400% month over month growth in ad revenue since launch. However, the addition of blockchain technology to the ad monetization system makes it more transparent and convenient, and drives more viewer engagement than centralized models. For example, every action such as views and likes are recorded on the Contentos public blockchain, which means that the creator will have far more transparent access to viewer and fan data.

Furthermore, blockchain technology makes micropayments much easier. Centralized advertising models cannot pay creators small amounts of ad revenue and require a long time to process the payouts. Tokenization of the ad revenue allows creators to get paid for smaller amounts with shorter payout periods. Finally, thanks to blockchain technology, viewers can directly support their favorite creators and see the results of their actions such as liking a video immediately.

Q:How do you think with India? Does Contentos team have any plan approach India which the potential market in crypto,

there have many great teams and investors want work and earn money from crypto?

A: As a rising global power with a huge economy and population, India is a priority market for Contentos. With the recent changes in regulation, India has a booming blockchain market with enormous potential for growth and Contentos is very interested in growing with the market in India.

Additionally, India has a very strong, independent media industry, which is a great opportunity for a content related blockchain project like Contentos. We are actively looking into getting listed on large cryptocurrency exchanges in India, and are also working to grow a strong community of passionate content creators, users, and investors in the Indian market.

Q: Can you explain why staking my cryptocurrencies in contentosia Pool is beneficial for me instead of staking on any other platform?

Does Contentosio provide higher rewards or other benefits?

A: Contentos offers staking on COS.TV called BP Voters Reward, which allows users to not only earn COS every week but also allows users to participate in managing the COS.TV ecosystem. In order to stake, users must first convert their mainnet COS tokens on COS.TV into staking tokens called ‘VEST.’ After converting the tokens into VEST, users must ‘vote’ or contribute their VEST staking tokens to one of block producers running by the Contentos Foundation, cosofficialbp1 ~ cosofficialbp7.

Voting starts every week on Wednesday and ends on the next Wednesday. Staking rewards are distributed every week and currently the returns can be as high as 64% annualized ROI depending on the block producer. The returns are one of the highest out of projects and exchanges. Additionally, holding VEST allows you to reward content creators by liking their videos. The more VEST you hold, the greater influence you get in the ecosystem, allowing you to support your favorite creators through your likes. Check out more at

Q: Why use Contentos and how will Contentos attract creators?

A: A low threshold for withdrawals of earnings.

Fast 24 hour withdrawals.

Decision-making rights.

Q: Would it be possible that instead of moving to your own blockchain you would move to another one in the future?

A: This is a good question. We introduced Contentos blockchain instead of developing a Dapp upon other chain is to fulfill the need of content industry. On Contentos blockchain, we’re able to handle massive concurrent transactions and also we have the embedded ecosystem reward to encourage interactions between content creators and audience.

Q: What is needed to be able to create content in Contentos? Is a monthly subscription necessary? Can only videos be uploaded?

A:Only if your content is original you can upload your videos on COS.TV. Monthly subscription sounds like a great idea too, definitely will be a possible feature in the future. Right now COS.TV only support videos content, but we’re having more possibilities in the future for different content creators, so stay tuned :)

Q: What role does the community play in the #Contentosio? What have you done and will do to attract people to join #Contentosio and build a thriving community?

A: The community is far more critical on Contentos than in a centralized platform since the community essentially runs the ecosystem through their actions such as liking a video. We hope that our transparency in monetization and governance will be attractive to creators that are tired of getting their content censored and waiting for the centralized platforms to give them their fair share of the content they create. We are looking for more ways to help creators thrive and be rewarded for their content!

Q: Why did you choose to list $COS on Uniswap? Is this profitable for the project? By the way, do you plan to list $COS on DEX or some centralized exchange soon? Thank you!

A: In fact, COS was first listed on Binance DEX last June. We’re one of the earliest batch of projects landing on Binance DEX. In blockchain industry, I think decentralized solution is always worthy considering because it’s more open and transparent. We are excited to see what’s the reaction for COS to be listed on Uniswap.

Q: Is KYC a requirement to be able to fully operate with this PROJECT ?

A: No, you don’t need to KYC to join COS.TV, enjoy videos and give comments. Only if you want to withdraw COS from the treasure hunt you will need to do KYC.

Q: I read about your saBFT consensus and am impressed, please how does this solve efficiency problem and better than other consensus

A: I see you have the CONTENT blockchain, how does you manage having your blockchain token, ERC20 token and BEP2 token, is this some sort of interoperability?

A: We have both ERC20 and BEP2 token circulating to fulfill the need for COS traders. They are all 1:1 exchangable through Binance and our swap utility at

Q: This AMA has been great, congratulations on this, now, we as a community, what TASK do you want to leave us to enjoy the platform?

A: Thank you! That is a very good question! Contentos and COS.TV are designed to become more enjoyable and useful the more users interact with content creators and their content. I think it would be great to go on COS.TV and see how liking a video can help a creator earn revenue for their content and how even viewers can benefit from liking and commenting. It really is a different experience than YouTube since you see your views and actions have immediate effects! So I recommend everyone to go and explore and see how they can contribute to a growing platform!

Q: Comparatively how does COS outperform similar projects and platforms like YOUTUBE, VERASITY and other traditional content system? What’s your competitive advantage against other projects and how do you outperform them?

Today projects turn to incentivization as a means to attract users and customers, does contentos have any incentivization mechanism and how does it work

A: We respect those projects that share the similar vision with us. We all want to make great impact to content industry. Take YouTube for example, it’d be unrealistic to think that we can take all of their users. However, we want to bring more benefits to our users by helping them monetize, gaining attentions. With our token economy, we have already attracted many talented creators and their fans to our platform.

Q: What’s the usage of $COS in the contentos platform?

A: You can earn COS by like, comments, upload videos on COS.TV. Also we have treasure hunt game, where you can have opportunity to win COS or ETH.

Q: there is 5G technology and IoT(internet of things) as emerging Technologies… now,Can CONTENTOS integrate or Join these technologies to merge into CONTENTOS ECOSYSTEM?

A: It’s possible since we are also partnering with traditional video-streaming platform.

Q: What’s the use and work of Blockchain technology in Contentos platform & Why Decentralized Model?

Because many platform like Youtube are work greatly on Centralized way.

A: Decentralization is critical for transparency in data and monetization. Centralized platforms are known for censoring videos based on their centralized standards, holding revenues from creators, and constantly changing the rules and making creators follow them no matter what. Contentos is different in that by using blockchain technology, everyone becomes the owner of Contentos and can contribute and change the ecosystem based on their actions and decisions. This is impossible with a centralized model, but a decentralized model powered by blockchain technology can literally change the video platform as we know it.

Q: Do you think that Contentos is superior to Facebook when people join Contentos to create value from their posts?

A:I don’t think we’re competing Facebook. In fact, many of the trafic to COS.TV comes from Facebook. We are a content platform whereas Facebook is a social platform and can help creators to get in touch with their fans. When more fans come to COS.TV, the creators would have more chance to monetize their creations.

Q: Content producers (Youtubers) earn income from advertising on YouTube, how would they make a profit with Contentos?

What is needed to be able to create content in Contentos? Is a monthly subscription necessary? Can only videos be uploaded?

A: Very good question. Essentially the ad monetization model is very similar to how YouTube works. The critical difference is with blockchain technology, Contentos cannot lie about or withhold information about ad revenues and views like other centralized platforms.

A monthly subscription is not needed. Just a passion for creating great videos and a COS.TV account!

Q: DeFI got atention in Crypto now,

How do you see Defi potential for contentos right now!?

What role do you think contentos will takes to makes defi better in global usage!?

A: Just as I’ve answered previously, we’re helping people to get familiar with DeFi through the contents on COS.TV. And we’re also working on designing new application for our users to easily invest in many DeFi projects.

Q: Vitalik Buterin recently said that DeFis was a risk right now, does Contentoss as a “Decentralized Global Content Ecosystem” also have some associated risks?

A: I’d say being open and transparent is a way to mitigate the risk. We have our source code fully opened at GitHub so that flaws and bugs can be examined and fixed with the help of our developer community. And for token circulation, the major part of the COS token are to be mined from content creation and interaction. That is the real behavior that would bring value to this ecosystem.

Q: As The Decentralized Global Content Ecosystem, how ROBUST are you to deal with security, illegal content, speed,plagiarism, copyright issues?

A: Contentos has a built-in reputation system. When a user is reported and confirm harming the ecosystem, the reputation will decrease and result in unable to get ecosystem reward. For now, we also have a group of volunteers help us to moderate the controversial contents. We’re exploring a way to moderate content while preserve the right to create freely.

Q: ChainLink, Samsung and ThetaTV are just some of your great and impressive partnerships, can you explain your collaboration with these projects?

A: Chainlink helps us to fetch the off-chain data such as video viewership on YouTube, and our smart contract can use the data to evaluate the potential of a creator. And Samsung is a leading brand in Android phone manufacturing, we hope to reach their massive users through Galaxy store and their Blockchain wallet.

Q: Where can I buy $COS? Also, what are the benefits in the long-term for stakeholders? Why should we invest in COS? Thank you!

A: You can buy COS through below exchanges :


Binance Dex


Bithumb Global



Also as a stakeholder, you can join our bp voting to earn $COS every week:

Q: What are the different ways in which COS can be earned in the COS tv ecosystem?

A: COS can be earned both as a creator and as a viewer on COS.TV.

Viewers can earn COS by liking and commenting on videos as well as participating in BP Voters Reward.

Creators can earn COS by uploading great original content and earning COS through the support of fans that like and comment on videos and also through ad monetization.

Q: What are the benefits to advertisers by advertising on Contentos platform? Which additionally features you provides to advertisers?

A: We have just helped OKEx launching their promotion campaign. What we can offer is the transparent user interaction statistics to the promotional contents. As an advtiser, you don’t want to have fake impression, fake user engagement. This is what we can bring value by blockchain technology.

Q: Your project in Spanish means “Happy”, my question is, what is the origin of the name of the project?

A: Yes Contentos means Happy in Spanish. We want to bring happiness to content creators by helping them get proper revenue and help audience to get the content they want to see. Contentos can also be viewed as Content OS, which we want to organize the contents systematically

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