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First of all, thank you from the whole Team at Cubiex eSports for providing us the opportunity to present our project within your community

My name is Pierre Chahine — I am 33 and an ex-private Banker and life long counter-strike gamer for the past 20 years

Q. Will Cubiex create their own game for support its token or can we expect Cubiex will be available for Game like COD(Call of Duty), PUBG and Other games for in-game purchase? If it is possible then what will be the mechanism?

A. Thanks for this good question! To answer, let me give you an overview of what Cubiex eSports is. Cubiex is a next-generation tokenized social network for eSports & gaming enthusiasts, with the vision to connect gamers on a global basis in an ecosystem with features such as: Rewarded content creation, eSports & crypto league, P2P matchmaking, Livestreaming & virtual in-game items trading.

So in the first place, Cubiex is a social media and live streaming platform that focuses on social connectivity and incentivization. Currently, we do not plan to develop our own multiplayer games, as that is not within the scope of our actual product plans.

Q. Are you different from other blockchain gaming platforms like Dlive, Refereum, TheAbyss, Wax, Dmarket etc? How streamer get incentives with your platform?

A. I’d say the biggest difference is, that Cubiex eSports in its core is a social media type of platform with features, that most other competitors do not provide. The first “entry” point for gamers is to socialize and connect with one another. Earning rewards can be as easy as writing articles on your daily timeline, just like you do on any other social network, with the difference, that you can earn power through creating content if the community upvotes and likes your article.

Earned rewards then can be used for all kinds of different services, that the Cubiex Gaming Ecosystem will provide in the future. Cubiex can more be seen as an All-In-One community that plans to be fragment the united gaming scene into 1 platform.

Q. Refereum was one such project which I still remember working on a similar idea but still they struggling to get gaming users, so how Cubiex will perform better than them? Does this mean how you are so confident and better than other competitors?

A. Well, I am not into judging how “big” the success of others was and what the underlying reasons for that are. I would need full access to all of their data and business decisions to give a comprehensive summary of their current stage.

What I can say in general is that having a great product that offers “better” services, user experiences and UI then others is just the first step, but the crucial part is certainly “how do you get users” and how can you actually make them stay within your platform?

We believe that having a strong marketing campaign once you enter public product stages such as with influencers and content creators is one very important step in terms of outreach and showing our product to as many people as possible.

However, in general, startup terms I believe it is important to know that these things take time. If it was “that” easy to create a platform and 1 year later it has tens of millions of users then “everybody” would do it. It's not that easy, and that's where good projects distinguish themselves from the more “shorter orientated” ones — meaning sometimes it can take years until you’ve reached a critical mass, constantly reinventing your business model and going with the latest trends, games and user demand.

Q. How would Cubiex solve the problem of “Social Connectivity “in the gaming industry? & What additional features are added in the Beta V1.0 if you can share it with us, please?

A. The first step in solving this is answering this question: How do we actually find other likeminded gamers? If I go to Facebook I cant search for Counter-Strike Gamers from Frankfurt, can I? Its a very simple function, and there are 50m gamers in the world, but neither on discord nor on other social networks can I really search and find them.

That's why Cubiex in its core was built as a social media platform, that focuses on connecting like-minded people worldwide through dedicated search functions.

We are currently already live with our first closed beta of our social media platform.

Cubiex V1.0 Open Public Beta will contain the social media platform as well as the P2P Livestreaming application as well as a payment rail. It is currently planned for this Quarter, so we are perfectly on track with our roadmap!

Q. Is there any game we are working with or ready to launch?

A. We are working on different games when it comes to the P2P Matchmaking feature of our platform, but thats planned for next Quarter! You can see within our Whitepaper all different stages and Tranches in which our product and its individual features will be released.

Q. Doesn’t it that you are encouraging gambling and betting Via #”P2P Matchmaking”?

A. Not at ALL! Gambling and Betting are on third parties matches outcome and I consider it a very dangerous thing to teach young gamers. P2P Matchmaking is that you stake your tokens and you place them against another gamer and then you play for the prize pool — meaning you are using your skill and talent to win, not luck. Third-party matches = luck — your own match = skill. In simple words: you place 10 US $ in Tokens, I place 10 US $ in tokens and then we play 1v1 in Counter-Strike and the winner gehts 20 US $ :)

Q. How will cubiex be able to monetize with Amateur gamers? What will be the selection process for them before they can earn money?

PC -Our business model is focused on 3 revenue streams:
a) Transactional commissions
b) Premium accounts
c) external ad revenue.
There will be no “selection” process. Anybody can participate in our gaming ecosystem, as long as he follows the terms and conditions and stick to the community rules. Rewards for content creation can only be withdrawn if gamers pass their KYC to prevent AML.

Q. The number of users using mobile phones is increasing day by day and having an indigenous mobile app for a company is very advantageous. Why don’t you prepone the launch of a mobile app from Q3 2020 to this year itself?

A. That's a good question! The mobile market is very big, I agree about that. However a lot of people don't know, that competitive esports gaming has around 400m desktop gamers. Cubiex was designed as a full social media desktop application with many features that are only really doable via desktop/laptop — therefore our mobile app will have different features and starts next year.

Q. Why Cubiex needs blockchain. As based on Ethereum what team plan on dealing with scaling in long term development? Could you highlight more on decentralization in Cubiex ecosystem?

A. Well, we actually migrated all of our tokens to Binance Chain already and abandoned Ethereum. The transactional speed of Binance Chain and BEP2 tokens is simply amazing. If you have ever tried their UI you’ll experience the easy user flow combined with the amazing speed.

Q. What is the benefit for the gamer for choosing Cubex to broadcast their activities compare to another platform?

A. Their benefits are a more competitive price structure and range of services that the Cubiex ecosystem offers, compared to other platforms. For example, if you earn content creation rewards, you can use them to either pay for a premium account or you can use them to make donations to a live streamer, use it to purchase your favorite virtual in-game items or participate in matchmakings.

While in theory on other platforms you need to at least visit 4–5 different websites to enjoy all these different services, convert into multiple currencies, Cubiex plans to united gamers on 1 big gaming ecosystem, where we satisfy all their gaming needs.

Q. In the future Cubiex plans to support as many games as possible, and will it expand into other areas?

A. For the matchmaking part we are planning to start with Counter-Strike GO and depending on product adoption and user interest we will expand the CryptoBattleChallenger into different games. However every game is different, from a matchmaking perspective, technical perspective so its not gonna be like that there are dozens of games, but we will focus on the top 5 games initially.

Q. My question regarding the matchmaking system & the Prize pool between players. Will I be able to challenge anyone or any team to a match?

A. Yes — you can either choose a random challenge by opening the crypto battle challenger or you can actually send another gamer a challenge directly, but it's up to him to decide if he wants to accept your challenge and “play” with you over the prize pool that you’ve selected.

Q. Will Cubiex have a plan to sign a contract or have an agreement with ESL or PGL to sponsor an Esport Tournament that uses CBIX token as rewards in the near future?

A. We would love to do so! We were in different stages of negotiations with different gaming partners. Once we can announce such thing we will do it :)

Q. What is Cubiex’s biggest competitor? Does Cubiex have many advantages over its competitors?

A. I’d say established platforms such as discord, steam, twitch. The financial power and “brand” of these long-life companies may not be underestimated. It will require a long breath and hard work to receive a significant market share from these companies, but we strongly believe its more about partnering and interoperability so both market participants can benefit, rather than trying to “steal” users from one or another

Q. Why binance chain Alliance?

A. I’ve founded the Binance Chain Alliance with a clear goal and vision. Cubiex built all its token as BEP2 tokens on Binance Chain. We believe, that it is a great technology and alongside DEX we as a community of project founders need to stick together and help the ecosystem grow. The Alliance is basically a “Founders Club” that will also help new projects to migrate to Binance Chain, creating demand for BNB and generating user interest and bringing new people to space. In general, the Alliance will offer the opportunity for every member to form new cross partnerships, share networks and to become successful together, rather than alone.

One of our partners that just recently joined the Alliance next to Pledgecamp, Raven, Thor, AnkR, Bolt and many more already

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