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7 min readApr 25, 2021

Date : 30th March 2021

Guest: FortBuster : Ambassador of Dora

Q: @FortBuster Please briefly introduce yourself and @dorafactory to our community?

A: I am here representing Dora Factory as their ambassador. I am myself a pseudonymous anonymous crypto investor playing this sector since 2015.

I first heard of Dora back in 2018 but I didn’t pay much heed to it, filed it under the something that I’d check later drawer and almost forgot about it. It was in 2019 when I actually revisited Dora, met Steve and really got involved.

And about Dora Factory it is a programmable DAO-as-a-Service open infrastructure on Substrate. Kind of like a Software as a service offering. Crucial schemes like quadratic voting, bonding curve fundraising, all cool features regarding on-chain governance can be built on this infrastructure as pallets by the developers, and they can be rewarded in a SaaS model when DAOs launched on Dora Factory deploy them.

Q: Your motto is “DAO infrastructure as a service for decentralized governance and open source companies” but is that really the maximum potential of DAO? Or DAO could be expanded even further?

A: If you asked Steve or Eric, who are by the way our founders. They’d tell you that DAOs are the future of organizations. And if you ask me that is exactly true. I think DAOs are the future of democracy.

There are many examples of DAOs we can think of — open-source developer teams, DeFi protocol governance bodies, public chain developer communities, DAO-organized venture capitals, and many more.

So if you ask me if DAO as a service is the maximum potential of what a DAO organization can be? I would say it is. It is about decentralizing power. If you think about all these large companies around the world, they’re all about accumulating wealth and making a very select few people at the top very very rich. While the rest of mankind struggles and makes their ends meet.

In the future, many more institutions can be organized as DAOs. For example, nonprofit organizations, crypto artist groups, event organizers, hobbyist groups, decentralized media, etc.

I was just going to emphasize on the fact that for us, a DAO is not just a coin-voting machine. A DAO is a set of on-chain governance schemes.

To achieve this, there needs to be an open infrastructure where DAOs can plug-and-play governance features freely, and that’s what we call a DAO-as-a-Service infrastructure. Substrate offers a unique tool to build an open platform for on-chain governance protocols.

And yes, all of this can be expanded much further in the future and we plan to do so.

Q: Regarding your latest acquisition, the decentralized link curve generator, can it be used by any project or only by those , Which already have a well-established capital and economic base?

A: As you know that our stand out features are quadratic voting,quadratic funding grant and bonding curve fundraising, various on-chain governance models.

And with the decentralized link curve generator we’re aiming to allow any open source project to raise funds using our infrastructure. Not just the well-established ones but the ones that are starting out as well. That to me is pretty unique that excites me personally and something that I do not see other projects doing effectively, or at all.

Q: When and why do you think companies and projects will realize the need for their open source movement to come together with open source DAOs thus leading to open source ventures?

A: We think DAO is an amazing topic, a crucial sector to the whole blockchain system, yet no good infrastructure has been built, and very little discussion has been made. Current blockchain projects often lack lasting mechanisms and effective toolkits to manage and incentivize their open source communities.

We believe that this problem can be solved by a crypto-native solution: a programmable DAO-as-a-Service infrastructure specialized in developer community management, curation and incentivization.

Dora Factory aims to revolutionize the DAO sector by introducing the most robust programmable infrastructure on Substrate. We’ll nurture and incubate many cool DAO projects, like developer DAOs, DAO VCs, Defi DAO schemes and so on. And this is what most companies and projects are realizing every day and this is where they will see the value that Dora brings.

Q: Does the price of the token matter to you from an operational perspective, If the token price is $1 or $100?

A: I think if you ask any project owner this question they’d just say or at least reflect my sentiments. Wouldn’t it be nice to be worth a billion dollar project’?

But I think Dora isn’t concerned about what the coin prices are, of course we care enough to make sure that they do not falter in a competitive market but we do not and will not engage in any kind of price defense or manipulation.

Q: You mention that “Currently, Binance Smart Chain is running its first round of quadratic funding grants on HackerLink”, but could you really give us some sneak peek on the use of HackerLink on that chain? After its effectiveness is confirmed, will they migrate to other chains?

A: As you might know that HECO is already on for Dora.

Learn more here :

And now there are BSC, HECO, and hackathon grants. Flow has recently just worked with us.

Beyond that we have upcoming BSC Grant round-2, and several other ecosystems that we haven’t disclosed to the public yet.

DoraHacks -from where Dora Factory stems out from, has a wide array of partnerships making us practically the second largest player in this sector next to GitCoin with no one else competing with us.So I revert back to the short and simple answer, Yes, there will be other chains that run quadratic funding grants with Hackerlink partnership.

Q: How do you plan to spread awareness about your project in different countries/regions. Where English is not spoken well like in Asia which has a large population and has the potential to be your users?

A: So as I have already said before that Dora Factory stems from Dora Hacks — A global white hat hacker community of developers and enthusiasts. We’ve been around since 2014 and our go to method for reaching out to newer countries and demographics is through hackathons.

We did one in India called Blockchain Rising Hackathon — DoraHacks GHS back in 2018 in Bangalore. We did Blockchain Finance Hackathon in Oxford also in 2018, we did one in Seoul.

In 2019, we organized the largest Hackathon in China history in Beijing, called the 4th Industrial Revolution Hackathon, more than 500 hackers participated in this event.

DoraHacks just finished running another Hackathon in DoraHacks Global Hackathon Series in Beijing in March 6th-7th where 20+ new hacker teams joined us.

More details can be found at

We’re also running a Singapore Hackathon from April 10th to 11th.

To which all of you are invited to attend

So this is how we’re spreading awareness about us and what we do.

And I believe since we are hosting in every region, local regional language support is always there. The ability to speak in English has never been a limiting factor in the security & hacking community

Q: I see your project has several partnerships but who are the main partners? What are the benefits of partnering with the DoraFactory ecosystem? What is in the future you will reach?

A: See, I cannot give you a list of benefits about joining us, you’d have to do your own research on that. If you’re a project, and you want to get involved, come speak to us, we’ll help you research the various things that we are doing and no one else is. And I believe that would let you make up your mind.

Do note that 8 out of 10 Huobi Polkadot Sponsors have invested in us. And our partnership list is huge.

As I have already said that we just recently worked with Flow, and we’re working with Binance smart chain, Huobi Eco Chain, OKExChain, Kusama, Polkadot, ETC, Filecoin, Avalanche, the Graph and Solana on Hackathons, Grants and Quadratic Voting & Funding recently. We also have many community backers and partnerships that will announce at a later stage.

Q: What are your plans on GLOBAL adoption? Which country is project presently focused on ?

A: Back in 2017 DoraHacks became the largest developer and hacker community in the world. It took us roughly 3 years to get there but we’ve been steadily snowballing ever since.

In 2018 we went global to 8 countries, 15 cities, and organized 31 blockchain hackathons.

And with Covid restrictions on the retreat, we plan to expand to newer territories soon and pretty much more aggressively than what we did earlier.

At present, we’re focused on the South and South East Asian markets. But we are also looking further out.

Q: Where it will be listing soon, dex or cex? And how will you get users from all over the world and what are the features of this project to invest in long-term, please explain

A: We already conducted our IDO on Duckstarter, Bounce and Balancer LBP. Since then we’re available on Uniswap.

Our official Uni link is :

Anything else is scam.

As more exchanges list us, you can find them here

Q: Recently Dora was mentioned by Dora as Neo eco fund, what kind of new feature that will be developed by partnership of Neo and Dora?

A: We haven’t disclosed any details about this yet so you would have to watch our announcement channels for more updates regarding this in the future.

But I will say this. First NEO will onboard HackerLink for testing and implementing quadratic voting grants and Hackathons while Dora Factory will be providing DAO infrastructures on NEO3.

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