EarnBET -Cryptoverse AMA recap

4 min readMar 18, 2020

12th March 2020

Guest: Ms. Snow — CMO Asia


Q: Please briefly introduce EARNBET to our community?

A: EarnBet.io (also known as EOSBet.io) is the original profit-sharing casino. In its first year, the platform attained over half a billion dollars in betting volume and paid over $4 million to its BET token holders, who receive 100% of game profit. The platform was also the first on-chain casino to receive a gaming license. EarnBet offers instant, provably fair betting in BTC, BCH, ETH, EOS and LTC. The platform also has a decentralised account system, allowing players to instantly sign-up in two clicks without the hassle of creating a wallet or managing resources.

Please join @earnbetcasino and @earnbetannouncements to learn more!

Q: What makes EarnBet.io different than other online casinos?

A. 1. EarnBet accepts various cryptos for betting. Currently BTC, ETH, BCH, EOS, LTC. That offers a better privacy than using fiats.

2. EarnBet uses blockchain technology to ensure provable fairness are resolved on-chain, each bet is resolved on-chain. Check here: https://wax.bloks.io/account/waxbetdice11

3. Earnbet has an unique account system, it allows players to control their funds, even the team can not touch players funds in smart contracts, players can withdrawl their winnings any time, it is unlike some traditional betting sites, you can not withdrawl if you win too big!


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Q: We notice you have a BET token, can you please explain your token economy?

A: The BET token is very simple to understand, BET tokens grant you 100% of the house profit, you will receive BTC/ETH/LTC/EOS/BCH/XRP/BNB/WAX as dividends holding BET, every second, for life!

Last year EarnBet has distributed more than 4 millions USD (this number was 8 millions in June 2019!) dividends to BET holders.

EarnBet was the first dapp to invented “gaming is mining” concept, players can gain BET tokens as a reward when they are gaming, you are player and at the same time the boss of EarnBet casino!

Q: Why do you call yourself EarnBet?

A:They are different ways you can earn in EarnBet.io

The easiest way is of course to play the games, since the house edge is very low, players can win easily. Last month the house has been losing to the players.

Of course the other option is to just hold BET tokens to receive dividends. To make sure BET tokens receive dividends all the time, we pay dividends based on the volume, win or lose, the house always pay dividends.

Furthermore, you can be an affiliate, sharing your affiliate links to players will gain 0.1% of their every bet, instantly.

You can find a referral link after register EarnBet account like:

We also do huge giveaways from time to time. Such as 1 BTC and 66 LTC giveaways, follow our twitter to learn more:

Q: Which types of Different Gaming Applications can be created on EARNBET Platform ? & Can we create each & every type of gaming App without any coding knowledge?

A:There will be different games, but we dont need apps, you can just open browser on your phone and play in EarnBet.io

Sophisticated knowledge are involved, coding is of course necessary if you write smart contracts

We are focusing on developing traditional casino games

Q: Casinos are now very popular, but most people don’t really understand Crypto casinos and betting. So what is EarnBet’s strategy to attract players, in the future will it support fiat?

A: Well this is why we are in early stage, you don’t want to be the last fool, right? Sooner or later people will adopt cryptos. Our strategy is now being industry leader in decentralized gaming. There are lots of crypto casinos but they are not based on smart contracts, thus the betting results can be tempered with. We are 100% blockchain based and fair.

As you know many players lose in casino, but here you lose fair and you are most likely to win.

Q: In most of casino platforms ! The main & common main problem is Wash Betting for generating Fake volume in their platform for attractive users.

How EARNBET can solve this problem from their platform?

A: We are distributing divs to players every second, if we are wash betting then we are paying dividends to players every second, every transaction is on-chain to verify.

Q: The future value of the project is always better than the current price of the token, so with modern technology, what contribution has EARNBET made to the community?

A: We have distributed over 6 millions usd divs in last two years to bet holders.

Q: What fees earnbet charge compared to wink?

A: We are based on smart contract while they are not, they are more like a crypto casino while earnbet is a blockchain casino.

Q: Is the security technology that tries uses to protect its users, is there anything more special than other projects?

A:Our smart contracts are audited by professional blockchain firms, everyday hackers tried to hack us but never work.


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