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26th October 2019
Guest: Brady Luo— Co-Founder & CEO


My name is Brady, co-founder&CEO of everiToken public chain

I’m a true believer in the global token economy based on blockchain technology. After graduating from Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics Electrical engineering undergraduate, I went for my master’s degree at Brandeis University in Boston USA

So I have both engineering and finance background.

I founded several companies after I quit the finance job, sold 2 of them and then I’m thinking what to do next?

what’s something meaningful rather than make some small money? can i make an impact to the world?

Then I heard blockchain from a tech friend of mine. I spent almost 3wks studying blockchain technolocy 7*24. also, studied blockchain-related curriculum in Said Business School of University of Oxford.

WOW, that’s it! then I started to build core team and think about what to do within blockchain industry?

What’s something crucial yet missing in the industry back to January 2018

Basically our core is half tech half business: we have CS professor as our IEEE

We believe technology needs to serve the real business in real world


Q. Can you explain Why everiCard is one of the great product for EVT ? Does it support NFC payment method?

A. Yes! everiCard includes blockchain chip backed by everiToken and supports NFC payment.

check https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TR2U5Blyhn0

Q. What do you think about what China President Xi said about blockchain lately? Is that a chance for Everitoken and other Chinese projects to bloom?

A. we appreciate his speech so much, because all at a sudden, Chinese people including grandpa/ma understand blockchain is a good technology, not a scam.

Q. There are many party supporting EVT Token such as Trust Wallet,… So with the popularity of those wallets, will MyEVT Wallet be competitive in the number of users? What are the advantages of MyEVT Wallet?

A. Trust Wallet supports Binance chain-version EVT, while myEVT and everiWallet (could be downloaded from both iOS and Google Play now) supports native EVT coin

Q. VISA is still faster than everipay so how EVT better than visa?

A. everiPay, the micropayment solution based on everiToken, supports crypto/blockchain payment that could benefit 2.X billion unbanked ppl on this planet, while VISA couldn’t

Q. What business models can everiToken’s payment technology apply? Are your customers individuals, businesses or government organizations?

A. EveriToken plays B2B2C role, so we support all kinds of business/ enterprise/ government to use the public chain to benefit their millions/ billions end-users.

Q. EVT can handle over 10k transactions every second with high security guaranteed. Have this been attempted at real time? What happens beyond 10k Tps. What advantage does this add to the project or is it to just boast a higher Tps than rivals What’s being done to drive global adoption of EVT at all levels? Marketing, live shows, AMA, giveaway, exchange listing?

Explain about your REWARD MECHANISM AND STAKING? What’s everipass /everipay

A. https://www.everitoken.io/developers/key_concepts/staking/en_US


Q. Can Everitoken be integrated into mobile phones as a payment method? Will payment and POS system be expanded with Qr code? In which areas will the payment system be used? Will this system be used only in the Asian market?

A. Absolutely YES.

Q. What is voting system of everitoken and for that any masternodes or which system used?

A. https://www.everitoken.io/developers/deep_dive/token-based_transaction_model/en_US
It was inspired by the smart contract and built on its weaknesses. Safe Contracts are much more secure because they rely on well-tested APIs rather than an open-ended code. They are also faster and more accessible because Safe Contracts are designed for use by everyone and therefore standardized.

Q. Where is the the “everiToken” name coming from and what is the logo representing?

A. I’m a true believer of global token economy, which means everyone could issue tokens everywhere. that’s why we have the name everiToken!

everiToken is aiming for the best one for token economy

we always think how to tokenize all the real human fortune to blockchain

Q. What are the use cases of #EveriToken?

A. There are many!

Currently there are almost 50 live applications running on everiToken across from tokenization of arts&real estate, e-commerce, charity, games, to smart devices and stable coin & everiPay.

Q. How important is the Indian market for #Everitoken? Which are the main focus regions as of now?

A. You tell me how to access and best strategy to this amazing 1+ billion market:grinning: really that’s why I’m doing the AMA here

Q. Recently EVT launched 4.0 version of Mainnet. which factors mainly supported this new 4.0 version of MAINNET. what is benefits of new version of Mainnet over the previous version of Mainnet and what things you add in version 4.0?

what is plans for next version of mainnet?

A. https://github.com/everitoken/evt
I believe our mainnet already updated to version 4.1.3

Q. What kind of marketing strategy have you been following or using that you successfully achieved 71m+ users?

A. https://www.everitoken.io/cases/20190223-Largest-Voluntary-Platform-Based-on-everiToken/

we have a very strong BD team including myself is doing BD everyday. again, we believe technology should benefit real world!

Q. Adoption is very important element, and you have pretty much achieved very good results with 71m users using your technology, but how are you planning on getting EveriToken technology to be known and used by billions of people all around the world?

A. Not only the 71mil volutary platform users, but also Southeast Asia’s first regulated and largest stablecoin HWG Cash is using everiToken and everiPay everyday

Q. What are the main targeting country of everitoken and what are main problems you are resolving?

A. We have different strategies for different regions. for example, IoT applications in Europe, stablecoin+micropayment in SEA, middle east, latin America.

Q. Is BEP2 EVT a fungible or non-fungible token?

A. Fungible. for HWG Cash, pls check www.hwgcash.com. but I’ll explain a bit more why they moved from Ethereum to everiToken. HWG Cash is aming for the real world micropayment in SEA

everiPay provides native support for it!

I am proud to introduce to you our killer applicaton everiPay, the first token payment solution based on blockchain. This feature will change the way the blockchain and financial industries interact. Maybe some of you are aware of Alipay, WeChat pay, or Apple pay, which involve the scanning of QR codes for transactions. everiPay also uses a QR code. It includes TOTP protection where the code will automatically change every 5 seconds to prevent double spending or fraud: just like this. Also, the QR code can be used off-line, so if you are on a flight and want to purchase items, you can. Have a look on the right at the transaction confirmation times compared to Ethereum and Bitcoin. Our everiPay transactions are done almost instantly, in seconds. There is no delay for end-users or merchants. Imagine there is an issue with a transaction. After 7 minutes to an hour the end-user and merchant would likely be separated. The virtual immediate transaction confirmation time of everiPay provides a much higher degree of safety, convenience, and transparency for all parties involved.
As I mentioned previously as one of our milestones, everiToken surpassed 10,000 TPS this past December. This dwarfs all blockchain competitors, and we are rapidly approaching the rate of Visa.

Q. As we know WG Pay & GoodPago already integrated everiPay which types of benefits everi ecosystem getting from these integrations? Can we expect more payments apps partnerships is in the next few years?

A. Definitely a lot more to come, but I couldn’t tell u now because of the NDA, stay tuned and u’ll find out the bigger players soon.

Q. As I see high tps of everitoken is 10000+ Tps so where you planned to use such a great tps which types of payment processors will support? Will everitoken supports IOT devices?

A. Yes! we’ve developed everiChip using in IoT devices connecting to everiToken public chain! across from smart door to watch to everiCard etc

Q. Can u explain everitoken BONUS DESIGN in easy language??How can one earn these BONUSES?

A. https://www.everitoken.io/developers/deep_dive/bonus_design/en_US
it’s a super good design built for real business. pls check here

Q. Gaming today is a multi billion dollar gaming industry, What are the advantages of everiToken in the field of game development? How does EVT seek to dominate this industry?

Explain more about your the“Token-Based” Transaction Model.

I saw news about 500 million dollar stable coin. Would EVT be launching her own stable coin? And subsequently an exchange? What’s in store for the otc trading platform?

Explain more about your payer mechanism and how it eliminate barriers for ordinary users

A. Token-based transaction model: https://www.everitoken.io/developers/deep_dive/token-based_transaction_model/en_US

Our team published a paper illustrating the benefits and features of the token-based structure. That includes transparency, flexibility, security, and regulatory friendliness. This is in contrast to Bitcoin’s UTXO & Ethereum’s account-based methods which lack in these areas by nature.

Ethereum’s smart contract can be good for developers because of its flexibility. However, for normal people that don’t know how to write code, it is too complex. These people who make up the majority of the population are forced to use a 3rd party service, and in turn this party becomes a centralized place of control. This presents a great risk for the user in terms of control and timing of the project, as well as the reliance on the 3rd party to create safe coding. You just have to trust them.

Q. Are you guys planning to get over VISA’s TPS ?

Is there any option of staking of EVT token on EVT PAY ? if yes then what is the ROI for staking EVT ?

A. If there is business need, we’ll upgrade mainnet to improve TPS by sharding for example. currently, 10K Tps is well enough.

EveriToken would be quite good platform for NFT games:

Q. Which types of services you provides to WALDER WYSS?

A. This is our lawyer firm based in Switerzland because everiToken/EVT is registered in crypto valley.

Q. Pinned EVT is used to paying transactions fee right? But how can I earn Pinned EVT? Why I can’t swap EVT to Pinned EVT to pay transactions fee? What is special about that?

A. https://www.everitoken.io/developers/deep_dive/evt,_pevt_and_econimic_model/en_US

Q. What is the reason behind using “DPOS+PBFT” consensus algorithm ?

A. https://www.everitoken.io/developers/deep_dive/consensus_algorithm/en_US

everiToken’s Safe Contract. It was inspired by the smart contract and built on its weaknesses. Safe Contracts are much more secure because they rely on well-tested APIs rather than an open-ended code. They are also faster and more accessible because Safe Contracts are designed for use by everyone and therefore standardized.

Q. I saw many token that change to BEP2 but just for trading and stuff, there are not much real usecase of BEP2 version of tokens, some can’t even swap back to ERC20 or native token.
So what about EVT?

A. We developed our own bridge allowing native EVT to EVT/BEP2 back and forth


Q. What is everiToken TPS?

A. 10,000 TPS

Q. How many DAPPS have been developed on the everiToken public chain?

A. 90+

Q. How many users are using everiToken (EVT) technology every month?

A. 71+ MM

Q. When was everiToken Wallet app launched?

A. October, 22nd, 2019

About everiToken

everiToken is the world’s fastest commercial public chain, delivering technology that helps businesses across the world tokenize assets, issue stable tokens, and integrate reliable cryptocurrency payment solutions. Founded in early 2018, everiToken became the first public chain to achieve 10,000 TPS on its mainnet and has won numerous awards, including the Florin Prize for fintech innovation. One of the main benefits of everiToken technology is the Safe Contract, which allows any developer to create standardized smart contracts simply by connecting to an API. everiToken’s technology is used to tokenize volunteer data for Zhiyuan Hui, the world’s largest volunteer platform.

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