My name is Brady, co-founder&CEO of everiToken public chain


Q. Can you explain Why everiCard is one of the great product for EVT ? Does it support NFC payment method?


Q. What is everiToken TPS?

About everiToken

everiToken is the world’s fastest commercial public chain, delivering technology that helps businesses across the world tokenize assets, issue stable tokens, and integrate reliable cryptocurrency payment solutions. Founded in early 2018, everiToken became the first public chain to achieve 10,000 TPS on its mainnet and has won numerous awards, including the Florin Prize for fintech innovation. One of the main benefits of everiToken technology is the Safe Contract, which allows any developer to create standardized smart contracts simply by connecting to an API. everiToken’s technology is used to tokenize volunteer data for Zhiyuan Hui, the world’s largest volunteer platform.



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