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Date: 7th May 2021, Friday

Jaime Pichardo : Head of Gamification

Bozena Rezab : Co-founder and CEO

Q: Please briefly introduce yourselves and @gameetoken to our community?

A: My name is Jaime Pichardo, and I’m the Head of Gamification at GAMEE. A game enthusiast since I can remember, I have always looked for ways to make every experience more fun and enjoyable. I have been involved in reaching new audiences with GAMEE for the past years and now I focus on bringing the play to earn model into our upcoming games.

My name is Bozena Rezab, I am co-founder and CEO of GAMEE. With a team of 20 people, we have built a global gaming community of 25M registered players; our brand was selected among 100 Most Disruptive Brands by Marketing Week. Last year, we joined Animoca Brands family. I am excited about building consumer tech and entertainment products.

Q: I am not a gamer, but I want to explore Gamee further and try it. So, do you have any guides or tutorial videos for me to learn gamee? For non-gamers like me, how can I easily use and understand gamee?

A: GAMEE has been available for many years with a strong focus on all its games: easy to play and hard to master. GAMEE games are playable currently on our website and the Android&iOS app stores.

What we are building next with Arc8 and G-Bots will be aimed at more competitive players, where they will be able to show their skills!

You can find many tutorial videos about GAMEE on Youtube.

Q: Could you really describe to us what are the main characteristics that represent GAMEE games? Do you have a specific specialty? Or could it develop games of any kind?

A: We’ve developed over 100 games in the past 5 years, ranging from arcades and sports, to puzzles and brain games. All of them have in common a snackable experience where players can get the hang of any of the games within seconds to fully enjoy the experience from the start.

Q: What are your ways of scaling and developing your project in such a competitive time? And what are your technological advantages over your competitors?

A: We have experience of building a mobile gaming platform of a large scale for almost 7 years now, leveraging the experience, tech, content and audience we have built, that is certainly a head start.

We are building two new projects: GAMEE Arc8, where players will compete in skilled gaming tournaments, and G-Bots NFTs, which are in-game characters for our games. GAMEE already counts with a user base of over 25M gamers, which puts us ahead of any other project in the crypto space. Our plan is to onboard them into the blockchain gaming experience in a casual and smooth way!

Q: How does the ticket system work? And how often do you distribute the rewards to the winners?

A: In GAMEE Prizes, our Free to play gaming platform, tickets are earned through completing in-game missions. Players can also invite friends to grow their team and increase the tickets they earn. These tickets serve as automatic entries into weekly contests in which prizes are distributed amongst the players.

Q: How can $GMEE incentivize market liquidity? Does $GMEE have an internal market maker to ensure continued liquidity? What if people are interested in providing liquidity to $GMEE?

A: In short time, we are launching a liquidity mining event, that will reward gamers for adding liquidity in Uniswap pairs, that is a first one and more events like that are being planned, included rewarding users with our upcoming NFTs. Looking forward to be able to share more!

Q: I see that there are big brands like NASA and Man City that enjoy their services, but have they really created games for those mentioned brands already? If so, why haven’t I met GAMEE if I’m a fan and faithful follower of Man City? Could it be that they have not made this society official?

A: Yes! We have launched games with these brands actually few years ago and you can still find them live on our website or even on NASA website, check it here:) WE are now working on a new set of games; something tells me you will like them as well.

Q: NFT is really trending topic now in the market. So, how does your project plan to onboard the development of NFTs and how does your project plan to combine it with DeFi?

A: We are working on our NFTs and will be announcing the first sale in the next month or so, GAMEE G-Bots are coming and they look amazing! Here’s a little sneak peek :)

Regarding DeFi, we are definitely planning on features to stake GMEE and other tokens together with NFTs, stay tuned for that being announced next week!

Q: How was the concept of the gamee game designed and how did the blockchain make a difference for the gaming industry?

A: We designed GAMEE with a mission to recognize and reward gamers loyalty, skill and effort. We see blockchain as a great technology to enable gamers to really own gaming currency, own game assets and be able to trade and and vote with the token to influence where the platform is heading. We are really excited to be able to offer this to our community soon.

Q: As Education for crypto currency is necessary nowadays , what’s your plan to attract those people who don’t know about cryptocurrency?

A: Great question! Since we already have a massive global audience and our Free to Play model has been a success onboarding users into gaming, we plan on bringing the same level of experience onto the blockchain gaming space. By using a similar structure as we do on our F2P platform, onboarding new users with casual gaming mechanics will be almost frictionless when we launch GAMEE Arc8.

Q: Your project has great features. There must be an experienced team behind. Can you tell some about your team and their experiences in the market?

A: We have built together a large scale gaming platform with 25million users and over 100 games in the past years. Some of us have 25+ years’ experience in gaming, some are new with high energy and a passion to learn. Team of 25 strong! Eventually, it is about figuring things out and not giving up.

Q: On which user base is your main target? Are you focusing only on big Investors or small retail Investors also can play a big role in your project?

A: Gamers! We care about gamers mostly and build for them. Investors are a nice “side effect” of a good product.

Q: What are your approach to Community growth and plans for Community governance Model?

A: Community is a key element for any crypto project, but especially for us. We have built a great community, and that’s why we’ve also grown our marketing team to make sure we can spread the word out about our new achievements, and keep the community engaged. As for governance, choosing on platform features and games to develop for example will be some of the options! Excited to see the suggestions when they come around!

Q: Is your platform suitable for Crypto beginners? Or does it only limited for professional users?

A: We care a LOT about crypto beginners, our main target audience is mobile gamers and the mission is to show value of block chain in gaming.

Q: Has your project thought about some partnerships and collaborations with other projects within the ecosystem in order to make alliances and increase the community?

A: Yep! Very much so! Both within and outside the Animoca Brands family, we plan on creating synergies through games and tournaments. If you’d like us to connect with other projects, please let us know on out Twitter DMs!

Q: Is your project anonymous team? how would you like to ensure us your project is legit?

A: You can see people behind here:

Q: Can you name your strategic advisors and how many team members you have?

A: Our team is around 20+ people strong at the moment, and you can check the list of advisors at our site here:

Q: Can you explain how is your Tokenomics Distribution? How many tokens Will be minted ? And how many tokens will be locked by the team?

A: Hello, you can see the distribution here in details

Q: Currently, Where can I buy your token? Is it listed any CEX or DEX?

A: You can currently get it on Uniswap and MXC:

Q: The gas fee on Ethereum blockchain is crazy high. Why did you decided to build your project on ETH? Any plan to incorporate with other Blockchainchain such as BSC?

A: Crazy high right?! We believe in Ethereum a lot. And it has a very strong ecosystem around NFTs. That said, it cannot be used directly in the application, due to high gas fees. So we have a solution for that we will be able to share with you soon. But not yet.

Q: How will your project generate profits / income to sustain and what is the revenue model? How will it benefit for your project and your investors?

A: GAMEE Prizes is already a profitable platform with a very active audience which provides lots of learning on how to build a competitive gaming platform with the right revenue model. With the milestones ahead we have strong foundations for a profitable project!

Q: Smart contracts are vulnerable to bugs, and even recently three big new DeFi projects were victims of this, costing users funds. How efficient and secured is your smart contract, and did you ever audit it via any external party?

A: We had our smart contract audited by CertiK, we agree this is very important!

Q: could you share the token release date and tokenomics with us? Is the token designed to ensure the sustainable growth of the project?

A: You can check our tokenomics in this article:

So yeah, we do have measures for long-term growth.

Q: Which platform are your closest competitors? Suppose, do you accept Uniswap, Curve or Balancer as your competitors? Also how will you take to the next level?

A: You can look at gaming market and see our competitors everywhere. But since so few of them have adopted blockchain, we see the industry as being extremely early and more players just mean bringing new audience. We do not really compete, we create a new market.

Q: What are the long term visions of your project? Why you choose blockchain and what problems do you intend to solve?

A: Blockchain allows us to provide a real play-to-earn platform where gamers are rewarded for their skills, and they get to own their achievements

Q: Unfortunately, many projects have penetrated the market with white papers just without real use cases. What is the main purpose of your coin?

A: Our token is essentially in-game currency, that gamers truly own. A concept proven one million-times in gaming, now with added value of true ownership, thanks to blockchain.

Q: Can you talk more about “Gamee Robots” what’s role play on Gamee? Why we need robots?

A: G-Bots are in-game characters which will play a role both in the games and at platform level, allowing users to earn more rewards through their skills. They will be coming out soon!

Q: At the moment, where you are focusing right now? Building and developing product or getting customers and users, or partnerships? Could you share it?

A: Building a product users will love. Nothing else matters more!

Q: What is your plan about globalization? Do you have local Communities for those user who don’t understand English well?

A: Yes, we have our product localized into more than 10 languages and communities from all over the world.


GAMEE, a subsidiary of Animoca Brands, is a high-engagement hyper-casual gaming platform where users complete game missions, compete in tournaments, and earn prizes for their activity. GAMEE was founded in 2015 in the Czech Republic and now has 25 million registered users. Start playing at

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