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7th March 2020

Guest: Eddy Christian Ng — COO

Q: Please briefly introduce yourself to our community??

A: My name is Eddy Christian Ng, a seasoned banker that help credits for MSMEs during my days in banking, i live in Canada and Indonesia for quite sometime, i ran a startup that sells furnitures like Pepper fry in India.

Q: Can you tell us what are the highlights of Tokoin products? Who is really using Tokoin solutions and what are those use cases?

A: Tokoin focusing on creating identity and credit scoring for Micro Small and Medium Enterprise, and it will be embedded in our apps, our apps consist of POS (Point of sales) and Book keeping to capture the transaction data.

our clients for the apps are MSMEs and for the token utility are people that needs the data and we also develop TOKO token to be used as media for remittance so that DEFI can allocate their loans to MSME.

My previous background were in E-commerce, i dealt a lot with MSME in Indonesia, we have 63 million MSMEs and their biggest problem is cash flows.

but when they need the funding, financial institutions do not want to fund them because their data are messed up, so we would like to digitize those datas and build identity and credit scoring for them.

Q: As, RBI has lifted its Ban on cryptocurrency & related projects few days ago ! So, Is there any Positive impact on Tokoin project of this news Also, Is Tokoin project have any plans for Indian community & investors?

A: We always look at India has a huge opportunity to jump into, we actually have visited some MSMEs in India to talked to last year, This is a VERY VERY great moment for us to be in Indian market,super excited and happy.

India has always been the benchmark for Indonesia.

I see it as huge population market and MSMEs doing business with same kind of way.

Q: What are the Innovative solutions of Tokoin for MSME recurring problem?

A: Identity on blockchain and credit scoring based on AI, as we would like to help MSMEs manage their data and scale their business.

MSMEs only need to know how we can help them grow by using technology.

Q: Tokoin offers great solutions for MSMEs, but not all MSMEs accept blockchain solutions. So what will Tokoin be to convince them and make blockchain mainstream in Indonesia and globally?

A: Very good questions, like i mentioned before, MSMEs only need to know what value the technology can bring to them, they do not need to understand the blockchain, for making it mainstream we need to use it in our daily life, that is the reason why we focus on bringing real life use cases and scale it.

Q: How would the Establishment of Business Profiles by Tokoin be a win-win solution for both sides (banks, suppliers, and other service providers) and (MSME beneficiaries) ?

A: Everything is based on targetted data, banks need to give loan to MSMEs with a good credit scoring, they use TOKO token, MSMEs need TOKO token for recording a good data, suppliers use TOKO token as a form of targetted ads to those MSMEs, at the end all win win, Token value also appreciating.

Q: No Matter how innovative, but many projects will disappear as their TECH can be adopted and improved on by larger, more established projects. How you will ever be able to compete with them? What’s the unique ideas have team actually come up with?

A: Keep innovating and evolving, why banking industrie is afraid of Fintech because they do not evolve, all the same until one day fintech came in, so keep adding new technology.

Q: How will Tokoin resolve three major pain points for crypto investors: diversity, value, and convenience? Which specific about technology and strategy of Tokoin that make you believe it will be successful?

A: Real use case and utility, i think i kinda answered in the last twitter questions, that’s how confident we are.

Q: Do you consider Fetch.Ai as your competitor or this a collaboration between Ai tech purposes in the world of blockchain? What these bring to the community itself?

A: Collaboration is the key here, not competition.

Q: Why did you choose Biki as the next honorable exchange to be listed on TOKO? What does BIki have in store for Tokoin?

A: They believe in us, collaboration is all about building trust and how we can give value to each other.

Q: At the current price of the token, may be it is not economically profitable to have a node. Many nodes can be stopped and this will damage decentralization. What will you do to prevent this from happening?

A: Choose wisely in terms of who are the partners for running the nodes, why we need to do it ourselves where we can share the pie.

Q: What problems did you face when trying to implement your product in working businesses ? Is it hard to explain to usual non-crypto people what is Tokoin and what are the advantages of using it ?

A: Need to keep educating the market.

Q: Trust is very important in business, what makes investors, customers and users feel safe when working with Tokoin?

A: Founders background which have a trusted experience and we really build a real life use cases, not dreaming without any implementation.

Q: What are the plans to expand to different markets like America or Asia? Are you planning to expand new offices around the world? What can you hint us about your business growth plan?

A: We see South America and South East Asia as the biggest opportunity to us because we see those region do have the same culture in terms of MSMEs running their business.

Q: Tokoin Provide to the small and medium enterprises, the possibility to grow and become strong businesses, so which products offer the platform by the use of the blockchain technology ?

A: We provide our point of sales and book keeping and these are our IOTs for collecting data.

Q: Let me know a little more about the founders, how they met, what inspired them to come together and put this project out there.What’s their story?

A: We are entepreneurs, my CEO was a small business owner which he becomes a rich businessman now because of hard work and experience, i was a banker, ran a startup, we met because we work together in one company before.

Q: How exactly does the Tokoin data exchange function?

A: Datas will be kept in an onchain ecosystem and token is being use to open the data and it will be off chain after that.

Q: The ETH blockchain is very slow, so why did you build Tokoin on the ETH blockchain? What is the main reason for building it on Ethereum blockchain rather than building it on BNB / Stellar Blockchain? Do you have plans to launch your own mainnet?

A: For now is ETH, however we are developing other chain to complement ETH.

Q: Tokoin is a company of Indonesia, how have been the integration of tokoin with other Asian countries? such Vietnam, China and Thailand?

A: We have partner in Vietnam, Phillippine and china, thailand is actually quite small for blockchain, but we also have partner there.

Q: Why did Tokoin need a new logo design? You like innovations. :) I have read that your new logo represents a prosperous future. What goals and vision does Tokoin adopt in order to move the MSME sector forward?

A: First of we think that TOkoin should be for everyone and being able to solve problem in everyday life, hence the changes, the vision is to help MSMEs grow their business and sustain by connecting to funding through technology, DEFI can tap on to the market that is untapped.

Q: What strategies do you have to make TOKO more valuable in terms of increasing the number of users and what Dapps are TOKO integrating to expand your ecosystem?

A: Working closely with partners that have huge network, like currently we are testing in the ecosystem of Ralali. com (Udaan of Indonesia).

the largest B2B marketplace in Indonesia.

Q: Defi seems to be a useful case and concept right now. Many and many finance-related blockchain projects are built with Defi inside. So, beside cooperating with banking, has your team ever thought about integrating Defi into Tokoin platform for MSME bussiness?

A: We are testing right now with Fantom, and also Makerdao.

Q: How easy and readily available is TOKOIN to people that are not crypto and blockchain literate?

A: Focus on the value on blockchain technology that can bring growth to them.

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