Tradestars-Cryptoverse AMA Recap

9 min readJan 3, 2020

Date — 23th Dec 2019

Guest: Gaston Francisco - Co-Founder
Christian Hentsche — Co-Founder

Q: Please briefly introduce yourselves and Tradestars to our community?

Christian Hentsche — I’m Cris, co-founder and CTO of at Tradestars . Software engineer, entrepreneur. I’ve been into blockchain for more than 4 years now. Contributed to projects like and later Decentraland.Also im a Fantasy Sports fan, industry that im into since 2016.

Gaston Francisco — I am an Economist, have a financial background on private equity and E-commerce. After that done 3 startups. 2 in Argentina and 1 in Brazil on the b2b and b2c space. Both of us are from Argentina, passionate about tech startups.Been developing startups for about 10 years now!!

Q:What is PPG & how does PPG effect the players token price ? What impact PPG have on Player token price ?

A:Points Per Game (PPG) is the score an athlete adds up in a single match as a result of its real-life performance (official statistics) on the game and the pre-defined score card per sport indicated in game rules at

and as we keep track of a player’s performance, we build an average for the PPG values. That average influences the token price in an increasing or decreasing manner for the next trading operations.

Q:Tradestar is working on Sports & gaming industry But whats the importance of Blockchain in that industries? What Tradestar actually want to build with the help of Blockchain in Sports & Gaming industry?

A: I think huge. Blockchain tech could make the industry more transparent overall with payments, game availability.

We want to build a next generation Fantasy Sports game, where users can own and trade digital assets and compete leveraging on their sports knowledge. We’re innovating on the Fantasy focusing on an IAM model and building a decentralized exchange game of digital assets based on public blockchain.Overall , transparency, decentralization, and payments would be the three things that are mainly touched / enhanced by blockchain

Q: What are some of the major achievements that TRADESTARS have achieved so far and what milestones are planned ahead in the next 6 & 12 months?

A:great Question. Onboarded an excellent team of advisors and early investors to the project.

Seed round funding.

main achievements we think would be that:

we count a great board of early investors and advisors, from people from the gaming and blockchain industry. Like Decentraland, and The Sandbox.

our first version of the product is another great archievement for us. We’ve released the first private alpha in last may, and now with a lot of enhancements we are preparing for the upcoming public beta launch next month.

Q: What are the current target markets that TradeStars is targeting? What do you have a plan to grow rapidly in terms of users, global market and partners?

A: Indian, Brasilian and Mexican markets. Starting with cricket and Football (soccer). Be prepared for our upcoming launch on India during January !!

Q: How many partners currently have trusted TradeStars technology and what benefits do these partners bring to TradeStars and vice versa?

A:focusing on the product. We’re working hard on creating long term beneficial partnerships with companies such as Matic, Biconomy, Astropay.

with whom we aim mainly on :

*Transaction scalability and user experience:*

As we’re building a real time game, having to wait 20 seconds for a transaction to be mined was not acceptable. After several conversations we decided to partner with to solve current ethereum Tx times, while providing security using Plasma L2 network.

*Delegated transaction’s fees payment, and game usability:*

One of the biggest struggles on a blockchain app today is how to better onboard users. Ideally you always want the less friction as possible and in this way, having users to fund their wallet in the network currency (bitcoin, ether, etc) to pay for the costs of the transaction fees adds a level of complexity.

There are many initiatives are trying to solve this such as the Gas Station Network. Our approach was to partner with Biconomy to solve this for our users.

*On the payments side*, we’re working to partner with local payment providers, such as Astropay that will let our users fund and withdraw their accounts with Credit, Debit, pre-paid cards, cash and other methods, besides the supported ERC-20 tokens.

We are on the process of onboarding real life sport players and sport teams from different countries.

Such as India, Argentina, Brazil and Saudi Arabia.

We are tokenizing into blockchain real life sport icons of the world! Be believe this can give us an amazing traction!

Q: TradeStars is a sport distribution platform, can you explain to us how is blockchain needed for TradeStars and what benefits does it have for using blockchain to distribute games

A: Nice question. The most importante advantage is that we dont hold the custody of users funds. This is KEY. In other fantasy games, custody of money is centralized on the company / banks. At TradeStars all funds are managed through the blockchain via smart contracts. This gives our 100% transparency of where their holdings are, and most important, they can withdraw whenever they want.

Also, another amazing feature blockchain provide us is that the ERC20 or ERC721 users will hold, will be available to trade on secondary markets, such as opensea or rarebits.

Q: What is the role of Player Token and how can basic user make money in your ecosystem?

A:Think of the player token as a stock in a stock market. If the player does well, the price of the token will increase. So for a regular user, the process will be very easy:

1. create free account

2. deposit funds (during the first months we will be giving away free tokens for users to play)

3. invest your funds in the tokens of the players you think are going to perform well!

4. whenever you want, sell your holdings. If your picks did well, your pocket will be happy

Q: The biggest dilemma as of now in crypto is volatility and liquidity issues. What steps have been taken by #Tradestars to overcome it?

A:We believe in the potentiality of blockchain because we believe it is the future. On the other hand, we also understand that today crypto users are a very small minority around the world. That is why tradestars uses blockchain as an underlying technology. This means you don’t need to know what a bitcoin, eth or a blockchain is. You can sign up for free, swipe your credit card and start playing.

Also, it is important to remark that users funds whch are not invested into tokens, are stored in stable coins on the blockchian. Meaning their holdings do not vary on the volatility of crypto.

Q: About performance NFT, at launch time only a few will exist, and as said in the whitepaper the rest will be ‘unlocked’ how, and by who? What are the requirements to own a performance NFT?

A:Users will be able to hold and trade also the Performance Cards (NTF). We’ll be releasing some cards on a public auction as game deploys. The requirement is to hold TSX which is the game main credit coin.

Q:What would happen if the performance NFT lows its price beacause is sold very badly, but actually the performance that it was created for is excellent? How much would the price be increased?

A:The price of the Performance card (NFT) will be settled by its owner, independently from the tokens price of that card. If you as owner want to send it to a friends wallet for 0, you will be able to do so.

Q: What is your long-term vision about the industry which TRADESTARS is working at? Are you afraid some day there will be another project with more innovative technology can replace TRADESTARS ?

A:Well we think that the tokenization of real life assets is a tendency that will take place all over the world.

Regarding competence, it is always good to have competitors because it means you are on the right track!

Q:Who are the members and advisors in this project? Please let the community know their qualifications and experience.

A: Up to now: Esteban Ordano,(decentraland), Sebastien Borget(TheSandbox /Animoca), James Haft (Pal Capital/ Crypto Mondays NYC)

Q: You just recently partnered with MATIC . How will this partnership benefit Tradestars ecosystem ?

A: This benefits us mainly on having instant transactions.

Also, it helps us lowering the transaction gas fees.

Matic guys are the bests!!!

Q: Do you guys going to venture with gambling games too which is very popular in other dapps?

A:Well, we are not in the gambling space. We are on the Fantasy Sports space, so the answear is probably not.

Q:How do you adjust the relationship between price and supply of NFT Performance Cards?

is it possible that smart tokens and reserve tokens will be affected by price fluctuations? Could there be sudden price fluctuations? How do you ensure stability in prices?

A:Really cool point. The price and supply is dependent one of each other, as the Card tokens are bonded to a curve. As more circulating supply the price increases. The reserve token is a stable coin, so to isolate the user investments at moment of withdrawal.

Q:As you want to build Next Generation Fantasy sport game where we can buy/sell & trade Digital assets ! But While trading, Liquidity is the major problem ! So, How you bring liquidity in Stradestar platform?

A:You can read more about this on our, but basically, each player’s token has its own economy / liqudity. You can always buy as much as you want, and sell as much as you have, because there is always a buy and sell price

Q:Chiliz is token for sports,They have very good roadmap, My question is do you have a plan to have a partnership together? Or do you think they are your biggest competitor?

A:Thanks!. Partnering with EA Sports would be great ! , we will be adding sports as we deploy our game next months. Regarding Chiliz, is a very interesting project that we can maybe partner with. We would love to add the official ERC20 of different chiliz teams as a tradable coin inside tradestars.

Q: Are users’ personal information recorded in TradeStars? How much do you care about the privacy of personal information?

Will you organize betting and gaming events where users can compete with each other?

A:We’re recording email / hashed pass for login reasons. We care VERY much about personal information and privacy. And yes we will be adding more features for users to compete agains each other . Stay tuned

Q:Do you think decentralized Fantasy Sports game will get adoption? as I see in India, many people like to play shooting and open-world games like PUBG, GTA5

A:For sure. We think decentralized of all things will have adoption. And we don’t need 10y for this, we just use that dapps use the technology on a right way. This is a regular discussion I have with friends and collegues

Q:What is the TradeStars business model? Why can I make money from digital assets that represent real-life sports performances?

A:The owner of the NFTs get a 2,5% commission on every buy trade. On day 1 all the NFT’s are owned by TradeStars, but will be released into the public and weekly auctions.

If you want to make money, buy low and sell high !

Q:Do you aspire to see your tokens being exchanged in foreign exchanges? Are there any intentions for this to happen?

-What kind of analysis or study do you perform to give the players initial value? Messi should cost a lot, but how can this be measured fairly?

A:Yes, we would like to see TSX exchanged on several exchanges in the near future. The TSX is the main utility of the platform.

- The players initial value is given by they historical performance. So yes, Messi naturally will be at much higher price than the others maybe

Q:What’s the utility and real life use case and application of token?

A:Well the TSX is used as the main credit on the game and principal exchange coin. The Ethereum, as we said, because of the maturity, security and community dev support.

Q:Do you need KYC to participate in TradeStars?How do you secure your users’ digital assets?

Does TradeStars have sufficient security against hacking from outside? What security procedures does your team implement in case of possible hacking attacks?

A:there no KYC at the moment to participate. In terms of security, we do not have custody of the users’ funds, or hold any private information such as wallet keys. The users’ are in control of their trades / holdings at any time with access only through their wallets / private keys. In terms of accounts, we have implemented the state of the art securities procedures, and will son add an OTP mechanism to increase the security of the accounts login.

Q:All the cards on Tradestars are Blockchain based Non-Fungible Tokens ! But what are Non-Fungible tokens? Whats the difference between NFT & Crypto Tokens?

A: A non fungible token is a unique asset. Compared to a fungible one, for example an Ether where one ether is the same to another ether, a non fungible represents only one thing.

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